May 22, 2017

Types of visas

The type of visa you need to apply for depends on the purpose of your trip to the United Arab Emirates. All visas are one entry and are valid for all Emirates (with the exception of the Multiple visa which allows up to 5 entries to the Emirates within a period of up to 30 days). Remember that in case you are going to visit Dubai, then go out to visit another country, then re-enter Dubai (to stay at least 1 day) you must process 2 simple visas or a multiple visa. All those passengers who are on a cruise and touch more than one port of the Emirates need multiple visas. In case of stopovers of less than 12 hours in which you do NOT have to leave the airport, it is NOT necessary to process a visa as it will remain a passenger in transit (except when the arrival and departure airport of the connection are different). In case of passengers who are more than 12 hours on a stopover in Dubai they must process a visa (it must be done even if you do NOT leave the airport).

Types of visasPriceValidityDescriptionManagement time 
Tourist / BusinessUSD 170Maximum 14 daysThe price applies to passengers who contract ONLY the DUBAI Visa through our Company and manage the rest of the services (hotels, excursions, etc.)10 working days
Tourist / BusinessUSD 190Maximum 30 daysThe price applies for passengers who will stay for more than 14 days and less than 30 days in the United Arab Emirates10 working days
Visa EXPRESSUSD 50Maximum 14 dayshe Visa Express is a supplement for those passengers who need their visa immediately. The price indicated must be added to the cost of the visa you wish to hire.6 working days
Multiple VisaUSD 390Maximum 30 daysThe Multiple Visa allows you to enter and leave the United Arab Emirates up to 5 times for 30 days.15 working days
Tourist / BusinessUSD 500Maximum 90 díasThe price applies for passengers who will stay more than 30 days and less than 90 days in the United Arab Emirates.15 working days

How to apply for a visa for Dubai and / or the rest of the UAE?

There are four simple steps:

1) Complete the online form and attach the requested documentation (color scanned passport copy – JPG file only – and a personal digital photo – size: 4 x 4 centimeters, the photo must be in JPG file with and the image must be in color and clear-.

2) Once your application has been completed you can make the payment online through the protected purchase option (payment is made online with credit card in 1 payment through Paypal – Worldwide Lider in charges by Internet-)

3) Once you have completed the form, we will review your request and get in touch with you in less than 24 hours; This period includes the time of revision that requires us to review all the documentation sent. Please enter all the requested data and pay special attention to the contact data entered so that we can contact you.

4) The Dubai visa is an electronic document. Once your visa is available, we will send it by e-mail to the e-mail that you have provided. Remember to carefully review the personal contact information provided. Please note that regardless of the advance with which you process your visa the same due to expire will be issued within 20 days and 3 days before your entry to the United Arab Emirates so it is possible in case you Start your trip visiting other countries before and then visit the United Arab Emirates receive your visa while you are traveling and have to print it in the country that is before entering the United Arab Emirates.

To use your visa, you only have to print it and show it at the UAE airport in the passport control. The printing can be in black and white or color, but it is important that it has been printed well to be able to read the barcode when doing the migration control.

Fridays and Saturdays are holidays in the United Arab Emirates, so although we can receive the documentation during those days as our Company works 7 days a week Migrations can not start until the first business day of the Emirates ( That counted as day 1). Passengers who incur a shorter term of management must assume responsibility in writing for the management of an Express visa (request letter of responsibility).

Our company provides a service to facilitate the visa processing service to the United Arab Emirates, without guaranteeing in any way the result of the management of the same since the approval and issuance of the same in time and form is exclusive competence of the Migration office of the United Arab Emirates. Our responsibility is limited to the refund of the money paid by you in case your visa is not approved or does not arrive in the normal period of approval.

For the management and issuance of the required visa, Babel Travel & Business SA through its website and / or its affiliated websites informs, advises the client and requires the necessary documentation for the purposes of The processing of the visa for the United Arab Emirates.

Consular authorities have exclusive autonomy regarding visa issuance, document analysis, time, costs, study and approval or rejection of the visa.

In case of denial of Visa or delays in the issuance by Migrations of the United Arab Emirates, our Company will disclose its responsibility as it acts only as manager and intermediary, as well as we will not assume responsibility for any economic damages that this may cause. If the Visa is granted and the airport authorities of the destination country do not allow the entry, there will be no responsibility of our Company for these decisions. Nor do we assume any responsibility if the immigration departments are closed and / or delay the delivery of the visa.

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